***Illustration only. The exact appliances supported will depend on an energy audit of your home or office.

Use our visualisation tool to see what your plan could power.

Our introductory tier, Go, provides enough energy for basic appliances like lights, fans, a stereo, a television, and even energy efficient refrigeration.


Eco builds on the Go tier by providing support for additional appliances such as televisions, a microwave, larger refrigeration capacity and, in some cases, a freezer.


The Duplo subscription tier supports a similar set of appliances as the Eco but provides for greater autonomy and longer evening use.


Our most advanced subscription tier, Pro provides even more hours of autonomy than the Duplo but also supports the use of power-hungry appliance such as water pumps, water heaters, washers, and dryers.

The benefits of subscription include:

Installation and Commissioning

We take care of delivery, installation, and commissioning of the system associated with your subscription tier

Moving Service

Worried you might have to switch homes during your subscription period? We’ll happily decommission the powerbox and re-install it at your new location at no additional cost.

Exclusive community benefits

Subscribers get discounts from select service providers as well as invitations to community events.

Introductory Trial

Want to see what energy independence is like. Free cancellation up until the first thirty days of your subscription.

The small print
How long is the subscription period?

Standard subscription periods are for 24 months with a 1 month trial period.

Is the monthly price fixed, no matter how much power I need or use?

Yes. You'll get the power described in your plan's Power Promise at the same fixed price every month.

Do I need rooftop access for a subscription?

Yes, we use solar panels to generate electricity that works alongside PHCN to provide you energy. Our panels need to be mounted on your roof with direct access to sunlight.


You might be part of a group that can sponsor your subscription:

Your company may be a Rensource client and offer a subscription to you as an employment benefit.


Your cooperative may be a Rensource client and offer a subscription as a group benefit.