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Build your Profile

By regularly paying your subscription fee, you not only power your home, but also build a score that entitles you to exclusive benefits in the form of products and services that simplify your life.

Power on demand

Rensource provides power on demand, not only when PHCN offers it. Our system generates and then stores excess power so you can use it when you need it.

There is no independence quite like energy independence.

Clean & quiet

The world’s cleanest and most quiet power plant, right in your own home. No unhealthy fumes and no noise.

Rensource works invisibly in the background to give you the energy you need when you want it.

One of our subscription plans looks like you

Go Eco Duplo Pro
Our introductory tier, Go, provides enough energy for basic appliances like lights, fans, a stereo, a television, and even energy efficient refrigeration. Eco builds on the Go tier by providing support for additional appliances such as televisions, a microwave, larger refrigeration capacity and, in some cases, a freezer. The Duplo subscription tier supports a similar set of appliances as the Eco but provides for greater autonomy and longer evening use. Our most advanced subscription tier, Pro provides even more hours of autonomy than the Duplo but also supports the use of power-hungry appliance such as water pumps, water heaters, washers, and dryers.

** Illustrative description only. The exact appliances supported will depend on a detailed energy audit of your home or office before the subscription starts.

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Subscription Includes:

Installation & Commissioning

We take care of delivery, installation, and commissioning of the system associated with your subscription tier.

Moving Service

Worried you might have to switch homes during your subscription period? We’ll happily decommission the powerbox and re-install it at your new location at no additional cost.

Exclusive community benefits

Subscribers get discounts from select service providers as well as invitations to community events.

Introductory Trial

Want to see what energy independence is like. Free cancellation up until the first thirty days of your subscription.

Customer Care

Maintenance and customer care included

Our customer service team is on-call and can deploy technicians to solve any issues you may have. We’re here to help.

Story of the Giwa's

Look at the Giwa's.

They are a family with one child and a baby on the way. They live in a Duplex condo right in the heart of Lekki Phase 1. The recent hikes in price of fuel had them questioning how much longer they could continue to keep their generator on. They weren’t sure what to do when the baby arrived.

They recently signed up for a DUPLO subscription to carry all of their basic loads including lights and fans but also the occasional use of additional appliances like their microwave, iron, water pump and a water heater.

The Giwa's are resourceful.

Be like the Giwa's.

Story of the Abdullahi's

Look at the Abdullahi’s.

They live in a Bungalow in Surulere with their two school aged children. They were used to putting on their generator as soon as the children arrived from school until they all went to sleep. Sometimes in the hot season, they would keep it on through the night to keep the fans and fridge running.

A few months ago, their younger daughter was diagnosed with Asthma. Since then, Mrs. Abdullahi was more sensitive to what might have caused the ailment and ways to avoid aggravating her daughter. This heightened sensitivity to generator fumes meant that the family needed to replace their generator with a better option.

The Abdullahi’s recently signed up to the ECO subscription tier. They were impressed that it carries all of their lighting, fans, televisions, and their mid sized refrigerator for most of the day, turning their generator back to its original intended use as a backup.

The Abdullahi’s are careful.

Be like the Abdullahi’s.

Story of Uzoma

Look at Uzoma.

She finished youth service a few months ago and found her dream job as a software developer for a tech company nearby her new two-room flat in Yaba.

She often finds herself working late into the night on her various coding projects. Not wanting to keep her new neighbours up with the noise of a small generator in the flat, Uzoma recently subscribed to the NEO subscription tier. She found that it included TV set, 2 fans, and 3 lights. As well as the ability to keep her laptop charged, it is perfect for her current state of affairs. She took comfort that she would own the system after 1 year - thanks to our flexible payment options.

Uzoma is considerate.

Be like Uzoma.

Story of Mrs. Okoya

Look at Mrs. Okoya.

She has two small shops on the mainland where she sells textiles and shoes. Despite paying her monthly service charge for a communal generator, there was almost never any power.

This had left her unable to brighten the shop or even use the inventory management software on the laptop she owned.

Since last month, she has been a subscriber to the GO subscription tier. Upon paying her deposit, a team came to her shop and installed the system. Now she can power her laptop, TV, fans, lights and a small fridge in her store.

Mrs. Okoya is prudent.

Be like Mrs. Okoya.

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